Eighty percent of today’s workforce is already deskless, but that number will only grow while employees travel for the holidays, not to mention all the holiday parties and school activities. The holidays are wonderful, but they are also a stressful time of year due to pressure from quotas, a jump in call volume to contact centers, the need to end the year strong and an increase in activities and travel. There is plenty of work still on the table and a time crunch for budgets and quotas, but with the right collaboration tools, your team can stay connected and finish the year strong.

Why You Need Seasonal Collaboration Tools

The end of the year means an increase in call volumes, paid time-off, seasonal and inexperienced workers. Plus, for most businesses, end-of-year quotas call for sales drives and spending the rest of this year’s budget.

For many businesses, the holidays create a unique challenge of balancing increased paid time-off requests, fewer in-office days, significantly fewer workdays, potential increase of new or seasonal workers and high customer demands. Between maintaining the status quo and meeting customer needs, keeping employees happy and productive is paramount, and remote work opportunities and flexibility play an important role in this.

Mobility is Critical in The Holiday Season

Mobility is more important than ever for today’s modern worker. We are constantly on the go, with remote and telecommuting teams steadily increasing, so we need communications tools that work with us. With the proper collaboration tools, your team is immediately prepared, easily organized and constantly able to converse. Findings show that 89 percent of digital natives are more productive with the proper tools in place.

Time Pressures are Real

Stressed by a feeling of a lack of time? You’re not alone. With a seamless communications, collaboration, and contact center solution, your team can keep information flowing, whether in the office or at a holiday party. Not to mention, you can reduce hold times with advanced call routing and automation as well as personalize customer interactions with native integrations, allowing you to pick up the conversation where it left off.

Helping you to meet evolving customer expectations, increase efficiency and retain customers, MiCloud Connect is the frictionless, all-in-one communications solution for your team. With integration across IP Phones, Contact Centers, mobile apps and desktops, MiCloud Connect will help you manage call volumes and hit sales quotas with a secure service on which you can rely.

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Source: By the experts at Mitel