16 03, 2020

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Communications Tools

There's a reason we feel the urge to clean house every spring. After the lethargic, “let’s just get through it” winter blues, the season’s turn brings with it a welcome energy. But how about “spring cleaning” your communications tools? The average employee uses 17 different cloud applications, three content-sharing services and three collaboration tools. Yikes. Besides being [...]

2 03, 2020

A Small Business Guide to VoIP Business Phones

Across industries, small businesses share many of the same struggles. Owners work hard day in and day out to grow their companies, trying different processes and technologies to improve operations and productivity. What many discover is they can realize significant gains by simply switching their communications technology to VoIP for small business. You may be wondering [...]

17 02, 2020

6 Communications Habits of Agile Teams

An agile team is marked by ready ability to move with quick, easy grace; having a quick, resourceful and adaptable character. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want their teams to be agile? But creating a truly agile team is no simple feat. How do they behave? What qualities do they possess? In other words, [...]

3 02, 2020

Five Advantages and Benefits of Video Conferencing

Major advancements in technology have drastically changed how and where we conduct business with more people working remotely, the rise of instant, on-demand communications and the globalization of businesses. For modern and innovative businesses to grow and globalize, building and maintaining quality relationships with partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors and customers is essential. Video conferencing boosts [...]

20 01, 2020

Smart Workspaces – Work Smarter, Not Harder

The traditional notion of a 9-to-5 workspace has drastically changed. No longer are employees chained to their desk. Instead, they can work from anywhere, often at hours of their own choosing. The smart workspace moves with the employee - whether it’s to a mid-morning session at Starbucks, aboard an Amtrak train, or even a midnight [...]

6 01, 2020

Maximizing Metrics in the Modern Contact Center

Measure the Moments Voice, email, chat, SMS, social - that’s how your customers are reaching you. Your omnichannel contact center may support these various modes of communication, but are you making the most of your contact center metrics too? The modern contact center not only needs to support the variety of ways customers use to [...]

30 12, 2019

‘Tis the Season: Collaboration Tools to Finish the Year Strong

Eighty percent of today’s workforce is already deskless, but that number will only grow while employees travel for the holidays, not to mention all the holiday parties and school activities. The holidays are wonderful, but they are also a stressful time of year due to pressure from quotas, a jump in call volume to contact centers, [...]

9 12, 2019

Emergency Planning for Severe Weather: How to Prepare Your Emergency Communication Plan

Originally published on If the extreme weather conditions of recent years―historic droughts, devastating hurricanes, and catastrophic wildfires―have taught us anything, it’s that severe weather can strike at any moment and every second counts. That’s why all organizations should have a strategic, well-tested emergency communication plan in place. This article provides tips on how you [...]

25 11, 2019

8 Top VoIP Trends You Need to Know in 2020

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your business phone system, it’s worth brushing up on the latest VoIP trends. Even if you’re not, things are changing rapidly enough that your competitors may be getting an edge by taking advantage of the latest advancements in VoIP and VoIP-related technology. Business communications and collaboration has been undergoing [...]