12 08, 2019


Dallas August 06, 2019 (Business Wire) Positioning Based on Achievement of Key Success Measures for Capabilities and Strategies Mitel®, a global leader in business communications, has once again been recognized as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Unified Communications and Collaboration 2019 Vendor Assessment1. The biennial assessment provides guidance for technology buyers by evaluating a vendor’s [...]

5 08, 2019

How the Experts Define Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to pop culture, it’s not difficult to conjure an image of artificial intelligence. Whether it’s WALL-E, R2-D2 or HAL, the technology often takes shape as a thinking, sentient being. Hollywood writers might animate it this way for the movies, but what about the business world? AI enables a computer or computer-controlled robot to perform [...]

22 07, 2019

6 Ways to Use Video for Business Growth in 2019

An astonishing 80% of online traffic is driven to the consumption of video content. That means almost every time someone gets online, they are searching for and enjoying videos. But it doesn’t stop there. As video traffic continues to outperform all other types of search, video conferencing continues to receive praise for productivity and overall meeting enjoyment [...]

24 06, 2019

7 Steps to Smarter Contact Center Scheduling

Originally published by Teleopti The Challenges Contact Centers Face Today Contact center managers are under a lot of pressure to deliver better results with less resources. Staff want more flexibility, with 35% of employees citing a flexible work environment as important. Diminishing corporate budgets are forcing organizations to think of more creative ways to pay for staff. [...]

17 06, 2019

How to Drive Revenue and Increase Loyalty Through Customer Experience

You know the way we interact with each other has evolved, but what about the way your business communicates with your customers? No matter the size of your business, voice-only contact centers with disparate departments handling customer interactions just doesn't cut it anymore. Businesses with modern customer experience management systems meet their customers where they [...]

10 06, 2019

Measure and Improve Your Call Center Success with Business VOIP

Business VOIP Provides the Tools You Need Your call center is the first point of human contact that customers have with your company. So, you have to ask yourself: when agents answer the phone, are they knowledgeable and efficient? How do your customers feel when they hang up? How long do customers wait before speaking [...]

3 06, 2019

Top Customer Experience Tips to Steal from the Pros

Customer experience can make or break companies. As a professional with influence over your company's customer experience, you likely have a sense of which organizations are getting it right and which aren't, whether they're your direct competitors or sources of inspiration in another line of business. Seeing how it's done directly from the pros can [...]

27 05, 2019

10 Business VoIP Terms You Hear All the Time – and What They Mean

The global business VoIP (UCaaS) market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11 percent between 2018 and 2025, so chances are your organization has either already adopted the technology or made plans to do so in the near future. As you start the process, you’ll be amazed at all [...]

20 05, 2019

Increase Productivity and Reaction Time in Customer Service

RED FUNNEL Established in 1861, Red Funnel is an integrated transport and travel business that runs ferries from Southampton to the Isle of Wight. They needed to enhance their customer experience by seamlessly connecting the right employees with customers. Specifically, they were looking to find a more proactive communications solution, rather than a reactive one. [...]